Dr. Patricia S. Mikes is a nationally ranked lung specialist and widely recognized as an expert and thought leader in adult pulmonary medicine with special clinical interests in Asthma, Severe Allergic Asthma, COPD, Sarcoidosis, Emphysema, Interstitial Lung Disease, Sleep Disorders, Smoking Cessation and chronic or worsening symptoms like Shortness of Breath, Cough, Reflux and Allergy induced breathing problems.

Dr. Patricia Mikes and University Affiliated Physicians have 2 locations beginning 9/9/19. They are located in Chicago, IL at Arkes Pavilion within the Northwestern Medical Campus at 676 N. St Clair Suite 1520, Chicago, Illinois. And, in Hinsdale, IL within the Salt Creek Medical Complex at 911 N. Elm St Suite 328, Hinsdale, IL. (I-294 and Ogden Ave). PH: 312.926.5600 Fax: 312.926.5602. We are accepting new patients.

If you are a patient, referring physician, family member, concerned caregiver, rest assured Dr. Patricia Mikes will go the extra distance to provide thorough, comprehensive judgement.

Our vision is to build the premier pulmonary and critical care community of medical resources for thought leaders, treating physicians, healthcare professionals (clinicians and researchers), patients, advocates and concerned care givers.